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We're committed to quality and the environment. And we're not just saying that to get some brownie points.


Sacred Monkey and its label products are all printed to-go. This means we don't have any stock until you order the product. You can read more about how you're helping change fashion in our blog post here. This applies to all articles of clothing and accessories (unless explicitly mentioned in the product description).

The inks we use for printing are water-based and free of harmful chemicals and we take care to dispose of any left-over ink according to the ink supplier guidelines, so we’re not harming the environment.

we also sell 100% eco-friendly products. see them here.


The clothing we sell are sourced from high quality, ethical brands and suppliers.

We ensure only the best in class items on this store. Things that won't break after a wash or two.



That depends.

The products are produced and shipped from the production center closest to you.

We have centers in Europe, North America and Australia. So if you were to order a t-shirt from Sweden, we'd send it to you from the European distribution point.

Information about where the product ships from can be found in the product description.

Shipping & Pricing 🚢 💶


We can't really say since shipping is calculated on where you are located and which location the product is shipping from. Shipping prices are automatically calculated and applied on checkout. You'll see it before you pay. 😃



Since we print your stuff on-order, shipping is actually fulfillment + delivery. Fulfillment is how long we take to transfer a print or design onto a product and delivery is the process of that product reaching your front door.



Note: Due to the novel coronavirus, shipping times may be longer than expected. Read more in the update here.


Again, this depends on where you're located, but allow for at least two weeks for your product to get to you for Europe and North America and three weeks for the rest of the world.


Our detailed shipping policy can be found here.


Custom Designed Products  👕


Why yes, we do!


Since we print on order, we are able to print your custom orders as well. We work with the fine folks over at Design Saga (who also designed our website) to convert your drawings/photos/text/ideas into high quality prints for one-of-a-kind t-shirts.



We're still working on our customizer for products. For now, get in touch with us through our contact form here, or mail us at support@sacredmonkey.net with the subject 'CUSTOM'.


You can let us know which style of apparel you want and the method too. Embroidery, sublimation, or Direct-to-garment.


All artwork or designs you submit must be either owned by you or under a free or open license.



Basically all the apparel you see on the site. Drop us a mail and we'll get it done for you (at least till our customizer comes online).



Yes, anything above 25 units is discounted.


Misc.  🐒


Our detailed returns and refunds policy can be found here.



We would if we could! We're a super small team and it's really hard for us to answer all the queries we get and deal with fulfillment. To make it easier for us (and you) we've got a contact page set up as well as a dedicated email (support@sacredmonkey.net) set up where you can reach us.


Doing this ensures we can answer all queries in one go and stay focused on making sure your items get to you quickly. ❤